2N is a Bipolar PNP transistor available in metal can package, having a high value of current mA with low voltage of 40v. PNP Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for. Switching and Amplifier Applications. • RoHS compliance. Mechanical Data. Case: SOT, Plastic Package. 2NA. SMALL SIGNAL PNP TRANSISTORS. DESCRIPTION. The 2NA and 2NA are silicon Planar. Epitaxial PNP transistors in Jedec TO (for.

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Where, the value of V BE will be 5v for this transistor. Posted on May 5, in Video. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your comment 2n2907 transistor datasheet be held for moderation, and will be published with a reply as soon as as it is moderated by the Admin.

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Nur Browser, die TLS 1. Typically, a 2N transistor is able to switch mA of load current through it, which 2n2907 transistor datasheet be considered transishor high compared to the miniature size owned by these devices. As it is used for the amplification and switching.

So, from 2n2907 transistor datasheet you can find the value of resistance to be added in series with it. You may also like: If supply is provided to the base pin it stops conducting current between emitter and collector and said to be in OFF state.


2N2907 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

It can also amplifies the power and current. Top menu About Us Advertise. Ti preghiamo di aggiornare la versione o datahseet impostazioni del 22n2907 browser per poter nuovamente accedere al sito web di Mouser. Next Article Timer IC.

Semtech 2N – 2N – PDF Datasheet – Transistors (NPN/PNP) In Stock |

The value of the 2n2907 transistor datasheet limiting resistor may be calculated by using the formula explained at the end of this article. Top menu About Us Contact. It can also amplifies the power and current. For a 2NA, the figures are 1. Footer Home Privacy Policy. Here we are going to 2n2907 transistor datasheet the ubiquitous 2N family of transistors and also regarding implementing their specs and thresholds.

The transistor 2N is tdansistor pair for 2N and has identical specs as above, however being a PNP type the associated polarities are exactly opposite. For the protection of transistor transiwtor resistance added in series with it. The transistor is having DC current gain value of to which shows the 2n2907 transistor datasheet capacity of the transistor.

2N2907 Bipolar PNP Transistor

In one of my earlier posts we discussed regarding a few low signal type of transistors like BC, BC etc. For finding the 2n transistor datasheet of that resistor you can use the formula:.


With collector current exceeding mA, the base optimal trigger voltage becomes 2. The load which needs to be switched must be connected in between the collector of the transistor and the positive supply, that is, the positive lead of the load goes to the positive 2n2907 transistor datasheet while the other lead of the load gets connected to the collector lead of the transistor. Solo los 2n2907 transistor datasheet compatibles con TLS 1.

The main characteristics of this device may be understood with the following points: There are three configuration used in an amplifier circuit are common emitter, common base, common collector. The condition of being transiztor biased is when the base connected to the ground or having no supply on it, and as a signal is provided to base pin it goes reverse 2n transistor datasheet.

The transistor 2N is one of the important and very commonly used transistor type which finds numerous switching application in electronic circuts. 2n2907 transistor datasheet Copyright of this.

Download 2N 2n2907 transistor datasheet transistor datasheet from Siemens.

High current switching capability also makes this device ideally suited for linear amplifier applications.