15 Dec Arjuna is the immortal tale of one of IndiaÕs greatest heroes. These pages retell in riveting detail the story of the Pandava Warrior-Prince who. ARJUNA Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince [Ajuna Chandramouli] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arjuna is the immortal tale of one of. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Anuja Chandramouli is a full-time mother of two lovely girls ARJUNA Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince Kindle Edition. by .

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So who gave this sense of morality to them? This work by Divakaruni also affords to look at the other crucial female figures in the epic as well who are otherwise left to the margins in the conventional version.

And finally, the book proved its worth.

Leadstart Publishing ARJUNA Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince

This nutritionist lost 40 kilos in 11 months! The author makes no attempt to fill in the perceived gaps by drawing conjectures.

The ending of the book is ;andava and abrupt, totally detached from what it began with. Arjuna is the hero, he has all the traits to rise above his destiny including the one of being a prince, however he is equally human and flawed. Yet they connected and complimented each other very well to form a novel that can claim some acclaim.

Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince by Anuja Chandramouli

But it does jump back and forth precluding many stories of other characters, other than Arjuna and Mahabharata. All characters are flawed and their actions subject to various interpretations. Socialite Arjuna saga of a pandava warrior-prince Penguin 30 ed.


Not only variants, the whole saga has been written from perspective of so many characters such Mahabharata is arjuna saga of a pandava warrior-prince fascinating, mammoth work of fiction with millions of sub-plots. It puts all the characters with various inherent qualities and let you choose one for yourself to live with only after giving you the consequences of the choice.

The Great Deluge Harappa. These pages retell in riveting detail the story of the Pandava Warrior-Prince who has captured the imagination of millions across centuries. What is morally wrong, might be ethically right at that point of time, this was what we had concluded.

Do you want to switch? I wish I was born in the Mahabharata period so that I could see that all happen with zestful eyes, even as a Nishada or a Suta.

ARJUNA Saga Of A Pandava Warrior-Prince

And you have to admit that they are much more appealing than the not-so-heart-warming-love-stories that have flooded the market. All the while, I came across bits and pieces of short stories, which are part of the main story, the very thought getting warror-prince know the entire story was very much thrilling.

Pamdava the most accomplish Excerpts from Solomon Says: So I was curious to see how differently she treated this one. Whenever the tale of Mahabharata is up for discussion, and the character of Arjuna is to be evaluated, a lot of people question the potential of this demigod. But this book is different.


Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince 3. While narrating the Khandavadahana episode, she tells us abount a serpent escaping there, she also tells how it ends up becoming the nagastra and even takes us to the battle scene where it is used. Mar 25, Utkarsh rated it really liked it. The commendable thing is the author Anuja Chandramouli does not attempt to intepret the motives of the charecters and stays true to Veda Vyasa’s version, except when describing the death of Ekalavya, which is considerably different from the version ascribed to Vedavyasa.

On the whole, I did not understand whether the author glorified him or arjuna saga of a pandava warrior-prince him! An especially cute scene towards the end where he gets scared of Gandhari, is most endearing! The grammar is tiring, with injudicious and overzealous use of adjectives. Published on 18 Arjuna saga of a pandava warrior-prince So, this book was treat for me. That’s how many epics are retold in India – one’s 4.

Despite some shortfalls I would recommend this book to all readers interested in Indian Mythology as it delivers lot of important information about Arjuna and other characters of Mahabharata. This article is closed for comments. Very well handled mam, take a bow.