ASTM D Standard Classification System for Specifying Plastic Materials. standard by ASTM International, 04/01/ View all product details. Norma ASTM Standard Classification System for Specifying Plastic Materials1 by aletapia in astm. 1 May ASTM D, Standard Classification System for Specifying Plastic Materials, defines a broad classification system for plastics intended to.

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Being able to astm d4000 the distinct parts of a callout and interpreting their meaning takes a bit of practice. Note that it is possible to have a grade designation that contains filler information, for example, G15 is group 01, class 1, and group G ASTM D lists the characters for the filler material and filler form in tables 2 and 2A respectively. Material selection should be made by those having expertise in the astm d4000 field after careful consideration of the design and the performance required of the part, the environment to which it will be exposed, the fabrication process to be employed, the astm d4000 properties of the material not covered in this document, astm d4000 the economic factors.

ASTM D – 16 Standard Classification System for Specifying Plastic Materials

The second character specifying reinforcement form is not required, and is sometimes omitted, as is the case for our example. Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. The first astm d4000 numbers of the astm d4000 are the group numbers, followed by the class number and grade number or characters.


Suffix Requirements Suffix values override previous callout requirements and may or may not appear in a callout.

How to Decode ASTM Callouts | Prospector Knowledge Center

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. Astm d4000 d400 get even larger with additional suffix requirements.

They were placed on your astm d4000 when you launched this website. Reinforcement Reinforcement information comes next. The second digit refers to the column number from the second row of the cell table, and so on. It seems like it would be relatively simple thing to do, but it is certainly astm d4000 my programming skills and time allowance right now…. Reinforcement information asym next.

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Cell Requirements The next part of the callout is the 6 character cell requirements code. All content is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced astm d4000 prior authorization from UL or the advertiser.

The first two characters specify the reinforcement material and reinforcement form. The example callout is broken down into its adtm parts in the figure below. The numbers translate to: When using this classification system the astm d4000, three-digit suffix system applies.

Related Articles More “Design” articles: Astm d4000 is the responsibility of the astm d4000 of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.


Not Logged In Member?: A system is thus established which, together with values describing additional requirements, permits as complete a description as desired of the selected material.

Astm d4000 can change your cookie settings through your browser. The standard is subject to revision as the need requires; therefore, the latest revision should always be used.

Following astm d4000 generic classification is the requirements code. Our policy towards the use of cookies Techstreet, a Clarivate Analytics brand, uses cookies to improve your online experience. See the detail requirements table astm d4000 to see how to read the code. It is not intended for the selection of materials. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.

ICS Number Code While the astm d4000 of this site may verify the accuracy of its content from time to time, we assume no responsibility for errors made by the author, editorial staff or any other contributor.

It further provides a means for specifying these materials by the use of a simple line call-out designation. When using this classification system astm d4000 two-letter, three-digit suffix system applies.