1 août A l’intention des Cadres Administratifs de l’IG/PNC JUSTICE ET INJUSTICE FACE A LA REGLE DE DROIT. .. Cour Suprême de Justice. COMMERCIALE ET ADMINISTRATIVE (LOI N° DU 21 4°) devant la Cour suprême la représentation des parties est exclusivement assurée par les avocats. ARTICLE 21 les individus privés du droit de témoigner en justice ;. Droit administratif général: Le Contrôle juridictionnel de l’Administration -. Tome 3 Le processus de la décentralisation en Côte d’Ivoire d’hier à aujourd’hui ;.

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The CCJA is seized by appeal in cassation cours de droit administratif ivoirien order to rule on the decisions of the appeal jurisdictions and those given at first and last by courts, in subjects related to the application of uniform acts and rules planned by treatises, except decisions applying penal sanctions.

The functions of the National Assembly thus are subject to strict rules codified so as to guarantee the stability and the authority of the government.


The Ivorian legal system is inherited from the French colonial system cours de droit administratif ivoirien was in use through successor instruments from which the French law was naturalized. Along with the constitution, CI also sought to establish a set of ideals which would characterize the nation as a whole.

The same texts can be published according to an urgency procedure couds exceptional circumstances. These laws have been made applicable to the principle of legislative specialty, which was the criterion which determined the applicability of colonial legislation.


Beside these jurisdictions there is another jurisdiction with a special nature due to the kind of questions it has to deal with. The President of the Republic appoints individuals for Superior civil and military employment.

This jurisdiction is in charge of applying and interpreting uniform acts cours de droit administratif ivoirien in application of the OHADA treatise.


This Constitution did not predict, as the constitutions of other African countries, [46] the application clause of the French juristic order. This colony was integrated into the French Western Organization Cours de droit administratif ivoirien [6] system, following the status of overseas territory conferred by Article 60 as well as other articles from the French Constitution of October 27 th The Ivorian legal system is based on the Constitution, a one-sided act, by-product of the will of the State from which is derived the entire Ivorian system of laws, as well as rights for all inhabitants and other cours de droit administratif ivoirien subjects.

xdministratif Nevertheless, because of structural difficulties, the Official Journal is not published within the period of publication of legal acts.

The acts published according to urgency procedure become enforceable from curs display. He insures, as Prime Minister, the animation and cours de droit administratif ivoirien of the government action.

Among all these laws some are organic, meaning that the objective of these laws is to regulate the various institutions, structures, and systems planned or qualified by the Constitution.

Accueil الإستقبال

See Sirey,2, ddroit Thus the State is regulated by international rules and domestic rules. If there are several seats to fill, the one round list with blocked majority without preferential vote applies.

The permanent jurisdictions are composed of first instance courts and their sections, Appeal Courts, and supreme jurisdictions such as the Court of Cassation, the Court of Account and the State Council.

Nevertheless, in order to allow judges to undertake their activities impartially, it is not sufficient to only observe the recruitment rules that guarantee their competence, but judges should also have a status cours de droit administratif ivoirien preserves their independence, such that they may resist pressures on them while they hold this position.

But in a system of uniqueness of jurisdiction it is difficult to see the development of administrative law that is by nature the law of the public power. The first step is related to the first constitution of March 28, The President of the Republic also has the power to legislate by ordinance [41] within the domain reserved to the National Assembly and to initiate referenda.


The cours de droit administratif ivoirien general texts, as mentioned above, constitute a category of laws that are fully applicable without requiring a special measure of extension to overseas territories. This second deliberation cannot be refused to him. The indicated ideal is indicated, on one hand, by the triptych of the Ivorian motto: Moreover, there is also the Ivorian Association for the Development of the Law AIDDwhich publishes a monthly review of legal and juridical information, including doctrine and cours de droit administratif ivoirien.

Facing difficulties in applying this agreement, and following the requisite of the United Nations Security Council, the President of the Republic decided to engage in direct negotiations with rebel forces under the auspices of Burkina Faso public authorities.

It is the Constitutional Council, whose domain of competence is the constitutionality of laws and rules of the National Assembly. It creates the categories of public establishments and regulates the cours de droit administratif ivoirien of siege and state of urgency. In effect, contrary to the constitution, the President could was not able to freely nominate the Prime Minister and other members cours de droit administratif ivoirien the government.

Are also in use the law of August 3, related to incapacities and father responsibility [60]. If the responsiveness of the government is determined by the legislative Assembly to be insufficient, their vote will induce the resignation of the Prime Minister and the automatic dissolution of the government.

When there is droti seat to fill, the uninominal mode is used, with one round of voting by majority rule.