30 Apr Hi everyone, couple of months back I completed Offensive Security Wireless Professional (henceforth addressed as OSWP) (also known as. 11 Aug Less than a month ago I purchased and passed the Offensive Security’s online course Wireless Attack, more commonly known as the WiFu. Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu) is an online penetration testing training course which teaches you the skills needed to audit and secure today’s.

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Whilst on the subject: I personally was impressed with the antennas section, showing seccurity different signal patterns — this is something I hadn’t looked into before. The course materials consist of: The invitation email containing the login credentials required to connect to the remote lab arrived as the clock struck GMT.

Offensive Security Wireless Professional (WiFu) – Review

The reward, being the practical chapters where you get your teeth stuck into executing the wireless attacks. In addition, links to the official guide as well as a support contact are present in the email.

The course does not feel updated though. It is also currently the cheapest course that Offsec’s cheapest course on offer. Whereas, this section is not necessarily critical it really seems like a fun way to demonstrate some of the more flashy skills that might help with building reports or just enjoying the world of wireless testing.

Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu) + Offensive Security Wireless (OSWP)

It even mentions the injection attack, which allows you to inject data into a network which you are not even “connected” to. Some facts about Offensibe Patience and perseverance is virtue in this case. As well there were no attacks for the WPS pin attack using the Reaver tool, and of course since I took the test before the latest WPA attack was released it wasn’t expected.


As offensie earlier in the post I just had to make this process more difficult on myself by using an unapproved wireless card, in which I had to learn how to place the card into monitor mode in a more manual mode using the iwconfig command. With WEP, there isn’t any mention of “key index” how to identify which key index is being used. According to me, even though syllabus is old and exam is non-challenging, WiFu is very significant, due to following points:.

Notify me of new comments via email. Best thing about BackTrack 5 is that it is stable more stable than any Kali Linux version. Well, I used CC. Honestly speaking, just like attacking hardware, there is no ideal victim router.

Offensive Security recommends the following equipment: For me, I finished the documentation within a couple of hours of completing the remote exam. They can guide you better.

Like its really boring.

It opened totally new world of Wireless to me. It will clear your basics and help you to understand more complex systems.

I used following resources for study other than OffSec material:. SecurityTube Offensife Security Expert: PDF — pagesand videos. The upside to not having any remote labs, is that you are not limited to lab time, so you are able to work on it freely.

My Offensive Security, OSWP Experience | WLANs, Wi-Fi & Technical musings

I established my multiple ssh connections to the remote lab from within screenso that I could re-establish my sessions if my connection dropped at any point during the exam. Then spent the offnesive 2 hours preparing the documentation and submitted under the initial 4 hour mark. After registering and purchasing the WiFu course, Wif Security sends an email that contains links to download the course material.


These are tasks that relate to what has just been taught as well as a troubleshooting for common issues that the student may run into at certain stages. It was time to pull the trigger and dive into the world of wireless penetration testing.

Hi Yuri, thank you for your appreciation. Offdnsive to be honest, unlike other OffSec courses, you can actually skip lab guide and rely entirely on videos.

Offensive Security Wireless Professional (WiFu) – Review

Surely the reason for not covering a common encryption method is due to the complex nature of setting up a wireless access point with some sort of centralized authentication behind it. I can’t go into too much detail here without ofensive the game away.

You do not need to have done any of the other Offsec courses e. Offsec does recommend certain access points to be offejsive, and the course has been fully tested with them meaning all the attacks will work.

By the end of the course, I think you use all the attacks but one that aireplay-ng has to offensiv. To begin with Offensive Security begins by talking about administration of the wireless card and using the Aircrack Suite to get the cards into a “monitor” mode. I wanted to learn about wireless