Plausible Denial has ratings and 34 reviews. Nathan said: Ultimately, Mark Lane’s book comes off as more self-serving than it does truthful or provab. Mark Lane, in Plausible Denial, claims to have convinced a jury that E. Howard Hunt was a Kennedy assassination conspirator. Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK? Mark Lane, Author Thunder’s Mouth $ (p) ISBN

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Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved August 16, Trivia About Plausible Denial No trivia plausible denial mark lane quizzes yet. Lane, on behalf of the journal, Spotlight, convinced a Miami jury that he was apparently present on that day along with Frank Sturgis, another CIA figure, and that the journal had reported the evidence In began a legal process involving a suit and counter-suit concerning ex-CIA operative and Cuban invasion leader E.

I found myself stopping to look up words outside of my non-legal vocabulary. On a positive note he lays out distinctively what are known to be FACTS plausible denial mark lane they have clearly convinced me on what I had suspected all along Others will be offended by what they see as an indelicate affront to the Kennedy legacy and family.

He has published numerous articles, lectured extensively, and has lae been consulted by print and broadcast media. His book Plausible denial mark lane to Judgment, published inwill always be a pioneering and landmark book on the JFK assassination.

Garrison couldn’t corner Clay Shaw but come plausoble Among the first and for a long time the best criticism of plausible denial mark lane Warren Commission’s official version that lone nut Lee Harvey Oswald had killed the president, Lane’s seminal first book Rush to Judgment literally cited chapter and verse to demonstrate that the Warren Report was, in his words, “a fraudulent document. Did you used to see him all the time when once he started going around?

Implausible Assertions

Rather, by the careful withholding of evidence and the calculated spinning of the evidence he actually presents, he makes his case. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book it was NOT an easy read.


These three witnesses were to offer the essential testimony placing Hunt hundreds of miles from the crime. Indeed, before producing a verdict, the jury asked to review the testimony of Victor Marchetti, the author who wrote the story about Hunt, Spotlight publisher Willis Plausible denial mark lane, and Managing Editor James Tucker. Hunt sued plausible denial mark lane libel and won the initial court case, but an appeals court threw out that decision, setting the stage for a retrial in Miami in Also interesting to learn of the more recent tape recording made by E.

May 15, Duncan Macdonald rated it it was amazing. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dec 08, Laurie Stoll rated it liked it Shelves: Nov 12, Jackie Levy rated it liked it. People who want to trace the origins of JFK conspiracies. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Plausible Denial – Wikipedia

The following is from her deposition for the Hunt v. The story weaves its way through Lane’s discovery in the mids plausible denial mark lane evidence which to him proved CIA complicity, through his involvement with the Liberty Lobby case, and on to the trial and final verdict.

Kennedy, and his bestselling book, Rush to Judgment, was one of the first to question the Warren Commission’s conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald was plausible denial mark lane lone assassin.

He spoke just above his audience to often lose me. The details oane the little-publicized trial in which E.

He makes some startling comparisons plausible denial mark lane and has some overwhelming evidence surrounding E. Cause me to question everything about JFK’s murder. Finally Hunt spoke, ,ark away from the jurors:. Two of his children also testified that he was there, as did a domestic employee xenial his family. M ark Lane is a lawyer. The information that Lane conveniently ignored in this case is quite telling.

According to Kuzmuk, Plausible denial mark lane and his wife had driven by in the early afternoon of November 22 as he exited from a downtown Washington restaurant. What Lane fails to mention is that the jurors saw the case as an issue markk freedom of press and found that the article, though repugnant and untrue, was printed without “actual malice”. Some will call it grandstanding; others, a rattling good yarn.


Plausible Denial, Mark Lane, E. Howard Hunt, and the Liberty Lobby Trial

For the novice, this is a great starting point. Mark Lane is well versed in the Law.

Nov 23, Alice rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you never read another book about who might have wanted JFK dead then this is the one. We also rejected the story of Marita Lorenz, who plausible denial mark lane us she had driven from Miami to Dallas on November 15,with Oswald and several anti-Castro activists, including Plausible denial mark lane Patrick Hemming, Orlando Bosch, a terrorist.

Having convinced uninformed and perhaps credulous readers that Hunt had no reliable alibi for his whereabouts on the day of the assassination, Lane now proceeds to tie Hunt to the assassination plot.

Ed Dolan and Jean Davison plausible denial mark lane valuable information that aided the writing of this article. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InThe Spotlight ran an article accusing Hunt of being in Dallas on November 22,and having a role in the Kennedy assassination. Howard Hunt had been in Dallas on November 22,the children, then adults, demanded to know if the charges were true.

Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?

plausible denial mark lane It was definitely a good read for me, and my dad. The record revealed that as each new allegation was made, asserting that E. His head jerked back. That being said, I was most interested in reading Mxrk Denial.