8 maart Praktijkboek bouwbesluit Free ePub. Bouwbesluit praktijkboek Download Feee Pages: 69 | Edition: | Size: Mb. The requirements relate to safety, health, usability, energy efficiency and the environment. The Praktijkboek Bouwbesluit (in Dutch) guides you through the. From the Inside Flap. Dit handboek is de opvolger van het Praktijkboek Bouwbesluit In dit handboek is Bouwbesluit volledig en systematisch .

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An amendment to the Gas Act comes into force on 1 Julyin which the legal obligation to connect newly built houses to gas is dropped. Other government measures to reduce the use of natural praktijkboek bouwbesluit 2012 External link to 0212 climate change are also underway.

Moreover, if you plan to build, rebuild or renovate, in most cases you will need an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects omgevingsvergunning. praktijkboek bouwbesluit 2012

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The municipal building rules relate to praktijkbok planning, building on contaminated land and requirements regarding the external appearance of buildings.


With the online tool Verbouwkompas.

Building sites and constructions Business premises. Skip to main content Skip to navigation.

On this page Buildings Decree Municipal building rules Gas connections no longer obligatory. Gas connections no longer obligatory An amendment to the Gas Act comes into force on 1 Julyin which the legal obligation to connect newly built houses to gas is dropped.

The requirements relate to praktijkboek bouwbesluit 2012, health, usability, energy efficiency and the environment.

In Environment and Spatial Planning Laws External link were praktijkboek bouwbesluit 2012 to make it quicker and easier for projects to get off the ground, this legislation is expected to come into force in Contact the Building and fire safety regulations help desk Government of the Netherlands Dutch External link.

This decree contains the technical regulations that represent the minimum praitijkboek for all structures in praktijkboek bouwbesluit 2012 Netherlands. You will find these regulations in the Buildings Decree Bouwbesluit as well bouwbeluit in your local building by-laws.


Your business premises in the Netherlands must comply with the building regulations. Municipalities are allowed to decide whether new homes are connected to district heating or another praktijkboek bouwbesluit 2012 infrastructure.

Building regulations

This legislation has been amended to help achieve the government’s bouwbesluut to make all homes natural-gas-free in the praktijkboek bouwbesluit 2012 years and to terminate natural gas extraction in Groningen External link as soon as possible.

You must also comply with building regulations and layout requirements that are relevant to your specific business activities. Building rules can differ from one municipality to another.

This article is related to: If you plan to refurbish, build, demolish or occupy a building, you must comply with the Buildings Decree