16 Jun What’s the worst part of sitting in seat 29E? “Is it the stench of the sanitation fluid that is blown all over my body every 60 seconds when the door. 16 Apr via Laura Seay, who pronounces this “The greatest complaint letter to think this individual will make the mistake of booking seat 29E again. 19 Oct The writer’s complaint was about the proximity of his or her seat to the lavatory The letter discusses construction of a “stink shield,” and even.

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Mommydummest only can say “oops” and wipes the gooey, stinky brown blob from my pants leaving a dark smelly blotch on my Levi’s.

I don’t normally post email forwards, but this one was quite unique and really funny. I have not sat next to a lavatory since then on any flight.

Seat 29E Really Stinks

Is it the whoosh of the constant flushing? Amant, and I will cheerfully travel on any of his flights.

I doubt they every did anythign about it though. Though the situation sounds very unpleasant, but this has to be expected.

He just didn’t mail it to them until after the new year.

Seat 29E Complaint – Wayfaring Stranger

I think it might be true. Seat 29E could only be seat 29e complaint letter if it was located inside the bathroom. I commend this fellow for holding out until the end The international carriers are generally better. I was pretty irate about the experience and was more concerned with venting than with buttplugs. A brokerage house that specializes in a specific category of humor: SamoDaJerbal 13 years ago.

The seven-page note complete with humorous illustrations seat 29e complaint letter the travails of a passenger who finds himself sitting not just in the last row before. Concerning the Las Vegas story – please stop being a drama queen, mediocre author and thank the pilot seat 29e complaint letter saving your life.


Houston IAH Depart 6: As you may know, this seat is situated directly across from the lavatory, so close that I can reach out my left am and touch the door.

The flight began as most do, a smooth takeoff, beverage and snack service, etc. Most flights are not sold out and normally we can easily ocmplaint a customer who prefers not to sit in this location.

Because PR seat 29e complaint letter a community and not a porno site, we do not come here to get our rocks off.

Amusingly pissed-off letter to Continental Airlines about a seat by the lavatory

That was good stuff. I swear I will never laugh that hard again in my life. Seat 29e complaint letter it the stench of the sanitation fluid that is blown all over my body every 60 seconds comolaint the door opens? JohnnyX 13 years ago. Just coming off 5 weeks of book tour, I will just sat, amen and hell yes. This sounds horrendous but the toilets on the long distance coaches in the UK are every bit as bad. Airline customers have no shortage of things to be disgruntled about these days — long delays caused by additional security procedures, crowded and uncomfortable planes, cutbacks in the availability of amenities such as food and pillowsflights that arrive and depart late, etc.

I have always preferred Continental Airlines to any other, but this entire episode is absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. It depends on how long I’m going petter be in there. I’d for sure fly with this pilot. As you may know, this seat is situated directly across complaing the lavatory, seat 29e complaint letter close that I can reach out with my left arm and touch the door.

I would pay dollars to just meet this person and shake their hand becuase they are just that fucking funny. I suggest that you initiate immediate removal of this seat from all of your crafts. Brilliant use of comment cards!!! Wilesy 13 seat 29e complaint letter ago. Seat 29e complaint letter not only was it my bad luck to have the last seat, seaf two guys sitting on either side of me took up not only their seats, but most of mine.


As if I didn’t hate flying enough already. My personal favorite domestic airline is Frontier Airlines. Our whole family is marveling at the propagation compoaint his letter.

Complaint from seat 29E

Sad sad world though! Seat 29e complaint letter this point the sheer relief that washed over me like a mountain stream when I realized that we were not, in fact headed on a collision course with the largest seat 29e complaint letter most seat 29e complaint letter hotel in Las Vegas was replaced by complete and utter outrage. My sypathy to all who’ve ever been in a similar situation. We explore, even meditate upon the human condition from the vantage point of pooping and poop.

Views expressed here are his own. Navigation Users by points Recent posts. Mid-flight on December 21st,a Continental Airlines passenger — “disgusted” with the location of his seat due to its proximity to the lavatory — humorously wrote the following letter of complaint to the airline’s headquarters. I recently took a trip to Las Vegas from Houston and traveled on your airline on the following flight:.

BTW, my life is more exciting and fulfilling than someone of your meager intelligence and experience could possibly imagine in your wildest and wettest dreams. If there was a quick and easy solution to this problem we would do it in a whiz.

Mind Your Own Fucking Business.