Here is the thoroughly comprehensive, absolutely definitive guide to spells—the basic handbook for anyone looking to practice some hands-on magic. The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems. Dixie Deerman, Author, Steve Rasmussen, Author Sterling Publishing (NY) $ (p) ISBN. 17 Jun Listing of spells in The Goodly Spellbook, and its table of contents.

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Because of the way the goodly spellbook information was presented, it [Wicca] seemed clandestine and in some ways evil. I was astounded when I looked through the book. The spellworkers of the world are many, and each person is electric with potential, promise, and wisdom.

I will be encouraging all of my students to get their own copy of this book and to study it well. I would give this book a ten out of ten. The the goodly spellbook section of the book does indeed include spells for just about anything you the goodly spellbook think of, tried and used by Coven Oldenwilde, and this is enriched by the previous chapters that give a good grounding in understanding why they are compiled the way they are.

It the goodly spellbook way too casual for me to think that the authors actually understand the gravity of why that spell was made or what the purpose of the spell was. Until reading your book and I’ve so far read just to page 29 -including the introductionI have carried a great level of disregard towards her.

Let me count the ways: The Goodly Spellbook is not yet another “Wicca “, or a book that someone who has not got a serious interest in spellworking should buy. I really liked the way you started with the history the goodly spellbook background of Wicca.

I’ve been estranged more the goodly spellbook than not from my mother who moved to Flagstaff, AZ 20 years ago– a woman who would call herself a Witch. This is an issue beyond the politics of religious practice; it’s about the ways in which spellboo continue to attempt one upmanship’s against nature, whether environmental or biological.

Reader Reviews | The Goodly Spellbook | Coven Oldenwilde Wiccan Website

Blessed be and be well! We really enjoyed the goodly spellbook book The Goodly Spellbook. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. Can be a great addition for teachers, beginners, solitaires, and elders. You even have examples of and discuss squares, and I suspect most the goodly spellbook even know what a [magic] square is. I knew it was the one book on The goodly spellbook that I spiritually entrusted purchasing. However, the fact the authors needed to specify a particular gender spectrum is much less inclusive.


Anne rated it it was ok Jul 19, Delightfully well-written and practical, filled with atmospheric illustrations and diagrams throughout, it encompasses all the principles and philosophy of spell casting, and gives recipes for charms to solve common the goodly spellbook Here is the thoroughly comprehensive, absolutely definitive guide to spells—the basic handbook for anyone looking to practice some hands-on magic.

However, what The goodly spellbook really liked about your book is the way that you incorporated magical theory into the explanation of the spells. Following in the footsteps of the greatest spell craft authors of all time, The Goodly Spellbook is loaded with nearly pages of the goodly spellbook on spellcraft.

Il Libro degli Incantesimi: Herbs were distilled into pharmaceuticals, stones milled into minerals, and the body of Nature, in a metaphor that recurs in writings of the early scientist, racked and tortured to make her confess her secrets. It has a ring of truth to it that few such modern books have, and your comprehensive introduction to various facets of magick has made it an invaluable reference even when working spells and rites from other sources.

Nov 30, Athena Macmillan rated it liked it. Your tone throughout is generous beyond anything I ever remember reading. You explain some things so much better than I – makes my life [as a High Priestess] easier — ” Here, take this – go read, then come back and discuss!

Here in the Bible Belt — I love it! In fact, there has not been a book with greater recognition except for the aging books in our collection from authors such the goodly spellbook Pliny, Agrippa, H.

We’re very pleased with the turn-out and wish you both every success with this book and all your future writing endeavors. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Or how about spell to prevent your phone from being tapped? It is a beautiful and superbly-crafted work in both the visual and tactile sense, which is such a rarity im modern tymes.


Final Thoughts In general there are a lot of things in this book that are problematic. It is beyond fabulous!!! I am halfway through it, and I love reading it! I make the goodly spellbook a rule to not buy spellbooks, as I’d always rather write my own.

It is informative and shocking in its revelations, especially regarding history.

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems by Dixie Deerman

Racism From my view of this book, I believe the authors skim off of other cultural and ethnic groups in order to fill their pages.

It’s inspired me to rewrite part of my Wicca course for the goodly spellbook Coven’s dedicants. One The goodly spellbook Book Club Reviews: It seems too many Pagan authors have lost touch with music the goodly spellbook than drumming and its uses giodly crafting, as well as the variety of somatic verbal components and the reasons for rhyming and careful word choice in spells.

I got spellbopk The Goodly Spellbook. It is however, an essential read for the magical student and a goodly reference for the more experienced Witch. Epellbook experienced practitioners and teachers of spellcraft, we think such books dilute magic from a state of firewater to the status of stale ale.

The Goodly Spellbook: Olde Spells for Modern Problems

I love the book’s design and layout. I am very proud to own The Goodly Spellbook and it’s a keeper. Jumping off of that topic, there is one spell in the goodly spellbook that I’d like to address here, because I think it is extremely important.

I can’t say it psellbook for people, sometimes magic which is specifically racially derived is not for you to have. If I follow the curriculum outlined on your website, would you consider accepting me as a student? I guess, the goodly spellbook book has really taught me more about the history and aspects of my religion than any book in my library, and so I the goodly spellbook you again for everything you do to make people aware.

We have sold out of your book and will order more!