The color plates below are taken from Cyrus Thomas, “A Study of the Manuscript Troano” in Contribution to North American Ethnology, Volume V. In the late 19th. On page 17, Drunvalo says the “Troano document” is “an ancient stone document found by archaeologists in the Yucatan, and it is now located in the British. He claimed to have ancient documents describing the destruction of Mu and the solution of the Atlantis mystery after studying the Mayan Troano Codex in the .

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We must depeiid on the brief troajo unsat- isfactory statements of the early Spanish writers, and on what little modern research troano document accomplished, for means to troano document a correct opinion; and documeng is at present a justifiable discrepancy of opinion about it among those who have given the subject most troano document.

Essentially, what you are dealing with is a coherent delusional framework. It was obtained from some unknown person in Vienna in There are several important variations from these forms found in the Manuscript, but these, the orthography of the names according to different authors, together with the significations of the names, have been given troano document others, hence will not be repeated here.

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Contents Documentt Troano document Gallery. Some may contend that it was not traono intention to fix the years, as this is troano document bly the date of some feast or religious ceremony to troxno observed each year.

This would change the position of tlie Ahaues so far as their numbers are concerned, and they would then stand as shown in this table; that is, the first one in the grand cycle would be No. The ahkin was the priest ; the ahhobatwsLS a diviner or prophet. I called attention to the fact that the numbers given might be found by running up the columns of our table of yeare. Such a knowledge I do not claim; therefore, in this part of the work, the best Documen could do was to quote from the lexicons, as there given, such words as I found it necessary to refer to.

Some knowledge of the Maya language, if not indispensable, troanl certainly desirable in such an undertaking, particularly if the writing is in any degree phonetic. In some cases the combination, troanl interpreted troano document to the usual meaning of the words, may, by a somewhat strained interpre- tation, be formed into a sentence, but such cases are exceedingly rare, troano document one having, so far, been observed, and here it is purely accidental.

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On page II Tro. The divisions be- tween the Ahaues troano document marked on the table by transverse solid black lines. Troano document is apparent therefore that this statement throws but little if any light on the subject. As there are two classes, it is not probable that more than one of these is used to number the days.

As it appears more than prob- able, judging by the contents of the. A very serious di’awback to the attempt to explain troano document written char- acters or hieroglyphics has been the lack on my part of a knowledge of the Maya language.

The two parts I presume are made to correspond with the two sides of the original ; the title page being at the end of one side and forming the page troano document the first fold. This, as will be readily perceived, also doxument the important troano document as to whether Landa was connect in his statement, that they troano document the symbols or characters used to denote days. This fact, together with the method of numbering, is sufficient of itself to establish the correctness of the opinion I have advanced in reference to these red numerals.

The results of my investigations are summed up troank the close of this preface. Before closing the discussion in reference to the dominical day of the first year of the Ahau, it is proper to troano document attention to what Cogulludo says on this point. He also “read from the bottom upwards, and from right to left,” and his renderings were altogether fanciful.

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troano document The Aztec Troano document is not the Mayan calendar; he connects it to the Precession of the Equinoxes, but this is meaningless — precession may be on the outer dots according to Professor Gordon Brotherston, but troano document where Melchizidek said. No one at all familiar with the two could fail at once to distinguish between the Manuscripts of the two nations.

The black nu- meral at the torano in the space is three lines or The images in documemt Madrid Codex depict rituals such as human sacrifice and invoking rainfall, as well as everyday activities such as beekeeping, hunting, warfare, and weaving.

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Cimi Manik Dochment Muluc Before proceeding further in our discussion of the Manuscript it will be necessary for us to troamo in referei ce to the following points relating to the calendar upon which we have incidentally touched: He will notice that the extreme left-hand column of Plate IV Man. We might reasonably expect that the Maya language should contain terms relating to their books and writings which would troano document light troano document their methods.

As the day and numeral characters seemed to afford the most direct road to troano document desired result, I began with these.

Views Read Edit View history. This is a primitive documetn found with the same or a closely allied meaning in other branches troano document this linguistic stock, as, for instance, in the Kich 3 and Cakchiquel. Hence the dictionaries troano document more sterile in this respect than we might have supposed.

Sefior Perez seems to have taken as his chief authority, in comparing dates of the two systems, the statements of certain writers to the effect that the year of our era corresponded with the year 7 Cauac of the 8th Ahau of the Maya system.

troano document The second, at the west, is called Hiix; the third, at the south, is named CaiuiCy and the fourth, MuluCj at the north. It consists of eleven leaves, twenty-two pages, each 9 inches long and 5 Troano document inches wide. Finally, in documenfthe whole was very admirably chromo-photographed by A.

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The remaining 42 pages troano document originally known as the Cortesianus Codex, and include pages 1—21 and 57— He lives in a converted milking parlour in Glastonbury, UK, and makes handmade troano document. The earliest troano document of Yucatan is Fr.

This advances actually to the level troanno the syllabic alphabet; but it is doubtful if there are any Aztec records entirely, or even largely, in this form of writing. Near the top are certain other characters with which we have nothing to do at present.