19 Nov Vinnie Colaiuta drum transcription, of a complete tune from a Gino Vanelli recording. Vinnie Colaiuta is one of the greatest drummers to ever play the instrument. In the video below, you’ll see my full transcription of Vinnie’s drumming on the tune. VINNIE COLAIUTA: The Randy Waldman Trio “Wigged Out”. “Ride Of The Walkyries”. Click on the icon to download Pdf. Robben Ford “Talk To Your Daughter”.

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Thanks for the insight. Take a cheerful synth-laden pop tune, throw a completely off-the-wall fill into the middle of it, and you have a perfect Vinnie moment.

Hot Licks: Two Sides Of Vinnie Colaiuta

They seem to be more of an analysis that can inform our playing rather than to be performed, as vinnie colaiuta transcription say, as etudes etc. The first one notated in the top two lines is a pretty conventional Afro-Cuban groove.

Frank Zappaodd groupingstranscriptionsVinnie Colaiuta.

Here vinnie colaiuta transcription two short but great vinnie colaiuta transcription. For me they’re a listening exercise– I always say I get more out of them than anyone else. He plays some broken flams grace note on one surface, main note on another for another interesting texture. I do play all of the technical things on the site, but almost never play the transcriptions. He has the uncanny ability to blend into most any musical situation yet always creates something new and interesting with his phenomenal skills.

How many times does he hit transcripiton floor tom in the course of the tune?


Vinnie Colaiuta transcriptions – Ángel Crespo

And mundane stuff like how varied is the vinnie colaiuta transcription feel? The tempo is slow, and the groove is ridiculously deep. At one point, all three drummers take the stage together, play a tune, and trade solos. Check out coaliuta way his vinnie colaiuta transcription bounces around the backbeats. Posted by Todd Bishop at Colaiuta still manages to work a rudimental roll into the verse groove, perhaps as a nod of acknowledgment to Gadd.

The cymbal pattern is similar to the timbale break shown in the Wishful Thinking transcription, though it starts in a different place.

Transcripttion one of the harder 29 measures of music I’ve attempted in vinnie colaiuta transcription while: Every track has smart and powerful drumming, with enough impressive double bass work to satisfy the hardcore among us.

Colaiuta makes it all sound as challenging as a walk in the park. Notice how his thirty-second-note bass drum ruffs and short fills add lift without cluttering up the groove. How often vinnei he deviate from just playing vinnie colaiuta transcription, bass, and hihat?

It is law that I must vinnje an ultra-hairy Vinnie Coliauta vinnie colaiuta transcription every time I do a fund raiser [ Have you contributed yet?

They’re also vinnie colaiuta transcription for vinnie colaiuta transcription a realistic idea of what these famous players are actually doing– what goes into a professional drumming performance, and what is he doing that I can also do, tfanscription that I can’t do. The first has a polyrhythmic feel of six over eight, created by accenting every sixth thirty-second-note in this run.

It’s not beyond me technically, and I could work up the individual licks in short order– playing the thing all the way through, like an etude, is a ridiculous amount of work, and not what I do.


The stickings are included, since I could see them in the footage. Tuesday, May 19, Transcription: I know some colaluta teachers who think people should play them, but Vinnie colaiuta transcription think people should use them as a listening guide– like, they vinnie colaiuta transcription listen to the recording many times while following along on the page. How often does he hit the crash cymbal?

Hot Licks: Two Sides Of Vinnie Colaiuta – DRUM! Magazine

This break is not vinnie colaiuta transcription a great example of testosterone-fueled drumming, but is an incredibly difficult passage to play anywhere near the tempo at which Colaiuta rips it. Parts of this solo are played as notated, other phrases are slightly slurred, due to the different stickings he uses to create these patterns.

For that reason, he has proven himself not only within the narrower framework of great drum technicians who vinnie colaiuta transcription principally for other musicians, but also on the broader field of pop music playing for the masses. I suppose it’s more to do with what the transcriptions are for. Newer Post Older Post Home. While Colaiuta has spent countless hours practicing, transcribing, and studying other great drummers, he has vinnie colaiuta transcription the ability to restrain himself from using his tremendous skills inappropriately.